These are the things we want to achieve.

  • The promotion of improved accessibility of primary legal materials, both in terms of their dissemination and their intellectual accessibility.

  • The promotion of research that seeks to utilise primary law corpora as a source of data and insight, particularly where the research aims to deliver benefit to society as a whole.

  • The promotion of a more coherent and collaborative approach to solving problems that sit at the junction of legal scholarship, design and technology.

  • To provide support for external projects where those projects engage ICLR’s traditional spheres of expertise.

  • The construction of a self-sustaining space to think, debate, test ideas and build.

  • The development of long-standing partnerships with governmental, private and third-sector organisations. 


The values and principles underpinning the way we work.

  • Simplicity is almost always better than complexity.  

  • A boring thing that works is better than an over-hyped “solution” that doesn’t.

  • Open is better than closed. So long as a project doesn’t involve confidential or other sensitive material or concerns, our work should be open by default.

  • Small, frequent steps are better than giant leaps that notoriously fail to deliver.

  • Collaboration is good. The more the merrier.

  • Is that an assumption? Challenge it!